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Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 15

I already found the introductory commentary by the well-known Swiss Grandmaster and ChessBase commentator Yannick Pelletier, who often competed and trained with Kortschnoi, both interesting and amusing. Pelletier reveals that it often was the young Pelletier and not the warhorse Kortschnoi who was tired and exhausted after training for eight hours a day.I also found it a revealing anecdote to hear how Kortschnoi tried to get to grips with his time trouble problem and ultimately succeeded. In Pelletier's introduction we find out to what extent a small bottle of Cognac played a role in fighting against the excitement! Here all those chess fans who feel that their time is running faster than that of their opponents will find ideas what to do.The Masterclass of course takes a look at Kortschnoi's opening repertoire. Kortschnoi was a great fighter and Pelletier shows what his means in regard to Kortschnoi's opening choices. Kortschnij always tried to approach the openings conceptually and questioning known moves was one of his trademarks. The videos deal with the Dutch Leningrad, the King's Indian, classical openings like the Queen's Gambit Declined, the English, Kortschnoi's repertoire with Black against 1.d4 and 1.e4, and in the end Pelletier summarises Kortschnoi's opening preferences.The next big block concerns Kortschnoi's strategic preferences. It is probably difficult to name a player with a greater strategic arsenal than Korchnoi. Even at over 70 years of age, he continued to experiment with openings and positions he had never played before.

Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 15

As Botvinnik once remarked, Kortschnoi used to build up his games in interesting ways that always led to rich and complex positions. As a rule, he aimed for positions with complex pawn structures in which concrete nuances played an important role. Each collection of Kortschnoi's games can be regarded as a comprehensive encyclopaedia of chess. GM Mihail Marin looks at some of these masterpieces in his videos.


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