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Buy Handmade Crochet Items

You have to promote yourself and stay on top of things to really be successful. Rather than discourage you from trying, I want to give you a realistic expectation of what running a crochet business is. Anyone can set up an Etsy shop or sell a few pieces, but you need to be dedicated and put in the work to get something real out of it.

buy handmade crochet items

She was able to give a good review of my work and I was able to get business, even though that first blanket was a gift. The important thing is to market yourself and set a good price for your work. But once you take it more seriously, here are some places you can sell your crochet.

I make the most money with my custom blankets. Once I started telling people about these blankets, I would give them options. They could pick different colors, finishes/borders, optional names added to the blankets, and different price points. This way, you can work with the potential customer and tailor it to their needs so they will be happy to pay the price for a custom, handmade item.

And there you have it, 9 ways to make money crocheting! I hope you guys give some of these options a try and let me know what works for you. Blogging is obviously my favorite way, but I use most of the others too. If you have any questions or want me to expand more on a certain topic, let me know in the comments below!

Wow these are all very good ideas! Thank you for sharing. I think I'm gonna try pattern tester. I started just doing amigurumi for my kids and grandkids, beanies and blankets. Everybody is always telling me I should be selling them, the truth is i love crocheting and i don't want it be a MUST do and then end up hating it. Again thank you

I've been told since I was a young girl that I should sell my creations. Now I'm 52 and another woman today told me she decided to start selling her items again and made a lot of money over the weekend. I think I'm ready to venture out there, so thank you for putting up this encouraging information.

At The Blue Elephants, we believe in doing things that bring you joy. We are on a mission to create fun, whimsical crochet patterns, both free and premium, for items that you can make, share and get creative with so that you can fill your homes with happiness, imagination, and adventure.

As you can see, both of these examples, using The Balanced Method for crochet pricing, yielded a price somewhere between those calculated by The Conventional Method and The Profit Minded Method. For my target market, these prices are both reasonable, viable and profit-producing. Yay! It always makes me happy when that happens!

Again, I have chosen to use The Balanced Method because it has worked for my business, even as I needed to hire (and pay) an assistant and 20 contract crocheters (for a time), I still made a profit.

This method calculates the crochet product price in such a way that it is fair and competitive while also placing value on your skills and talents as an artisan and offering sustainability to your business.

Thank you for this. I have been struggling with pricing for so lo g because I am a new crocheter. I also do pixle patterns and was not sure how much to price for special character designs or added material like buttons or beads.

Etsy is a handmade marketplace where handmade businesses often start to make extra money. The platform has the potential to help craft businesses reach more customers and grow their businesses to full time jobs.

These events are great to show off and sell crochet crafts while connecting with people in your community. These shows are honestly one of the best ways to create genuine relationships and find other businesses within your vicinity to collaborate with.

You can skip the sewing altogether with these adorable amigurumi octopuses. The tentacles and contrasting ruffles are crocheted right onto the body. What a cute idea for a summer market when people are spending more time at the beach. The pattern calls for single, half double, and double crochet stitches.

It never hurts to have some lower dollar items on hand at your markets. Quick little makes like this adorable bracelet make for great add ons to tempt folks at the register. Cheaper items are also good to have around for folks who want to support your business on a budget. You could even make a few and sell them in a coordinating set!

For even more great ideas for crochet items that sell best at markets, just look around the house. Crochet can take a mundane task like washing your face and turn it into a magical experience with gorgeous flower shaped face scrubbies. Crochet can also help solve some common problems like how to comfortably handle hot bowls straight out of the microwave or cold cans straight out of the fridge.

On top of those ideas, a little bit of yarn can also turn into a fantastic new storage container or an adorable plant hanger. The possibilities are seriously endless! Can you think of any other ideas for things you could crochet for around the house?

I look forward to seeing you all again next week for another free crochet pattern round-up. I hope that you all have as much fun reading these posts as I do writing them! Do make sure and click follow so you can get notified when the next post is live.

Whatever the case may be, the legal verdict is clear (in the US): copyright does not include any items made from a given pattern, and only protects the distribution of the pattern itself.

However, this stems from a misunderstanding of how copyright law works (at least in the U.S.). If a crochet pattern is copyrighted, then any restriction with regards to redistribution only applies to the pattern itself. This means that it is illegal to sell and share the pattern online, but has no bearing on any finished products that are made with the pattern.

As a general rule, it is legal to sell crochet items made from a copyrighted pattern. Copyright law only applies to the distribution of the pattern itself, not to any items made from the pattern. Despite any language to the contrary, there are no legal repercussions for selling crochet items.

As a general rule, it is legal to sell crochet items made from free patterns online. Copyright law only applies to the distribution of the pattern itself, not to any items made from the pattern. Despite any language to the contrary, there are no legal repercussions for selling crochet items.

As a general rule, it is legal to sell crochet items made from any crochet pattern. Copyright law only applies to the distribution of the pattern itself, not to any items made from the pattern. Despite any language to the contrary, there are no legal repercussions for selling crochet items.

Handmade crochet items can be sold on Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and personal websites. Platforms like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace have built in audiences that will search for your items on their own, but selling on a personal website means that you must market the products yourself.

That is why I have added 20 super popular crochet Christmas gifts and Christmas crochet ideas to sell during the Holidays. Most of these best selling crochet items are perfect for people with beginner crochet skills to quickly make and sell.

These stockings have to be my favorite crochet Christmas items to sell. The best part about these is that people will usually buy them for the whole family meaning all your orders will be quite large and profitable.

Another super cute crochet Christmas craft fair idea is this mini stockings garland. Make the stockings in various colors and tie them together with a long piece of rope for the perfect mantle decoration for the Holidays.

The cost of your time to take pictures of the item, upload it to the selling website or cost of your time and money to to the craft fair where you sell your items. Also the time you spend advertising your items and liaising with customers.

Having a following on social media can benefit any handmade business, however, building a fanbase of customers for your crochet items can be an extremely powerful tool for your business no matter where you choose to sell at.On the other hand, websites like Etsy, eBay, Amazon Handmade, and Facebook Marketplace already have their own customer bases that are browsing their marketplaces constantly. Setting up shop on these websites gives you access to that customer base and to buyers who are already looking to buy handmade crochet items.

First you must pay yourself for the cost of supplies. This should include prices for things like balls of yarn, buttons, and crochet hooks. Also, be sure to properly add up all Etsy and PayPal fees. Are you using a loom? Did you need to purchase Photoshop for editing product photos? You need to calculate those things, as well.

First, you could try to find a less expensive way to make your various items. Are you using a high-end yarn? You might have to grab something cheaper at Hobby Lobby. Are you making a huge throw blanket? Maybe make a smaller version.

Inevitably, your customers will see the crochet items for sale listed in your shop and ask you if you can make it in a different size or in a different color palette. I always found that taking these custom orders was worth it.

Just a quick question, with your formula of you didn't have to buy a new crochet hook do you still charge for expenses? Thank you for posting this and the previous posts I have had these questions rattling around in my head for months! ?

I appreciate this, it is helpful to see other people's ideas about how to price things. I have found though that I get more business by pricing my items lower since my customers come back for more and I am being paid to commute to work and watch tv since that is when I usually do most of my crafting for my small business. I will let this percolate for a while and may adjust my prices.

Thank you for this information! I like to work with local photographers and there are a couple who think I should practically give away my items. I've had to remind them that they get paid for their time and talent just as I should also. They actually seemed to respect me more as an artisan after I made that argument. 041b061a72


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