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[S1E3] Queens Down Under

Kita and Anita, the two New Zealand queens with experience and money for looks (and the hosts of the television show House of Drag in New Zealand) are the rivalry I want them to exploit. Kita seems to be getting a fairly good edit as a strong contender, with Anita getting an underdog edit, so I have faith Anita will prevail.

[S1E3] Queens Down Under

Next week is SNATCH GAME, so let\u2019s all lower our expectations and assume the position (get drunk). Thank you - I love you all! If you are enjoying these free drag race down under recaps, please considering following OR subscribing, that way you\u2019ll get access to our flagship recap All The Heterosexual Nonsense I was Forced To Endure During The Bachelor, when it starts later this month. 041b061a72


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