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[S1E18] Reunion WORK

  • Tropes Bait-and-Switch: Back on the ship, Marah and Kapri think Lothor is reacting to the Rangers escaping by openly weeping. It turns out he's just shaking up a protein drink.

  • With the other monsters already facing Rangers on the surface, Lothor proclaims Cam will have to face the most menacing one of the group. He's disappointed to see that's Sucker.Lothor: He's not going to wear that sash, is he?

  • Batman Gambit: Lothor forbids Marah and Kapri from going down to Earth with the monsters, saying they're likely to somehow screw things up. Kapri observing they're just have to stay on the ship close by to him gets him to reconsider, as she expected.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: After saying Marah and Kapri could go down to Earth, Lothor still forbids them taking part in the fight and says they will simply report developments. Marah and Kapri dress up and act like TV reporters, much to Lothor's irritation.

  • Big Damn Heroes: The Rangers are saved from Lothor's forces by Sensei working out the teleportation system.

  • Body Horror: Sucker's sting leaves Cam slowly turning into a giant insect. Sensei suspects the effects would be even worse, if he hadn't been morphed at the time. Cam undoes the transformation by forcing Sucker to sting him again.

  • Dumbass Has a Point: According to Sensei, unlocking the sphere will require a greater power than the five Ranger powers inside it.Dustin: How 'bout six Rangers? Cam: I think Dustin's right.

  • Evil Uncle: No one is more disappointed to learn about a certain branch on the family tree than Cam.Cam: You can't choose your family, Lothor! I certainly didn't choose you!

  • Friendship Moment: At the end of the episode, the others present Cam with his own training uniform.

  • He's Back!: The five Rangers over getting their powers back.

  • Lampshade Hanging: With multiple monsters in one episode, Lothor wants to make them all grow at the same time, but he gets a memory error upon pushing the buttom. Zurgane tells him that not springing for the required upgrade means they have to do it one at a time.

  • Missing Mom: Cam talks with Sensei about seeing Miko in the past and how she was exactly as described.

  • Not So Above It All: When no one's looking, Zurgane helps himself to Sucker's "Winner" sash and prances about.

  • The Slow Path: Lothor alludes to how he had to wait much longer for their little reunion than Cam did.

  • That Man Is Dead: By law, when a ninja is banished, they cease to exist. It is for this reason that Sensei never told anyone about his relation to Lothor; As far as he was concerned, the man he knew as his brother was no more. Of course, Kiya was all too happy to take on a new name.

  • This Cannot Be!: Lothor's reaction to the Rangers being teleported away at the last moment.

  • Villain Ball: Lothor stopping to gloat rather than just finish off the weakened Rangers is what gave Sensei enough time to activate the teleportation system.

  • Villainous Vow: After all the monsters are destroyed, Lothor promises to deal with Cam in the future.

  • We Can Rule Together: Lothor remarks there's always a place in the operation for his only nephew.

  • We Meet Again: After the group is cornered by Lothor's forces.Lothor: What's the matter, Nephew? Don't like reunions?

  • What the Hell, Hero?: The Rangers are a bit displeased that Sensei never bothered to mention his relation to Lothor.

[S1E18] Reunion

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion hit Bravo airwaves last night. While the Parsifal III crew members, minus Ashley Marti, gather to dish the season, there has been no word on a Below Deck Down Under reunion.

While The Real Housewives of Miami, a Peacock original, too had a reunion show, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip did not. It turns out Below Deck Down Under will take a page out of the RHUGHT book.

Thanks to Aesha, Tumi Mhlongo, and Brittini Burton, fans know a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion is not happening. The three ladies got together to hold a mini-reunion via Instagram the other day, where they shared no official M/Y Thalassa crew gathering is planned.

Over the years, Below Deck fans have come to expect the cast to get together and rehash the season. Although the cast crew used to gather in New York City to chat with Andy Cohen, the reunion shows have remained virtual following the coronavirus pandemic.

Like with Below Deck Down Under, a reason for not having a reunion for Season 4 of Below Deck Med was not given. Chances are it had to with the high number of episodes in the season and cast schedules.

Old Man McGucket interrupts to say that he fixed the lantern, but he finds the pterodactyl standing behind him. He instructs the others not to make any sudden movements or loud noises, though he himself does both and causes the pterosaur to chase after them. They then try in vain to formulate a plan of escape, though their arguing hinders them from accomplishing this. Mabel hears Waddles from a nearby nest and races down a set of rickety old train tracks to get him, and the boys closely follow her. She has only a brief moment to celebrate the reunion before the pterodactyl returns and frightens Waddles, who runs into Stan and makes both of them fall into the pits below and into a mud puddle. 041b061a72


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