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Prestige Shopify

The Kloe theme is built to work with the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, however you might be able to use the WP Shopify plugin with the Kloe theme if you want to keep selling through shopify (you should reach out to the theme developer Select-Themes though to be sure)

prestige shopify

The concept of prestige theme is sometimes hard to explain, but you can simply understand that the Shopify Prestige theme is launched for fashion. That means if your store is selling clothing or bags, there might be a few of Shopify Prestige themes that are suitable for your stores. In addition, although Shopify Prestige themes can be used for other niches, including cologne and perfume, it is ideal to use them for fashion and beauty niche.

One final tip: if you see a tag with a class name like this, , your CSS code should contain a period or dot ., like this: h2.title. If you see something with an id value, like this: , your CSS needs to use a hashtag or pound sign #, like this: #shopify-section-1489275816053. 041b061a72


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