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Simulator Software Dtco 1381 Download 19

Simulator Software DTCO 1381 Download 19

The DTCO 1381 is a digital tachograph that records the driving and rest times of drivers of commercial vehicles. It is mandatory for all vehicles that fall under the EU Regulation 561/2006, which aims to improve road safety and working conditions for drivers. The DTCO 1381 also provides data for fleet management and enforcement purposes.

To help drivers and workshop technicians familiarize themselves with the functions and operation of the DTCO 1381, VDO Fleet offers a simulator software that can be downloaded for free from their website. The simulator software allows users to practice the use of the driver card, the printout of data, the manual entry of activities, and other features of the DTCO 1381. The simulator software also supports different languages and versions of the DTCO 1381, including the latest DTCO 4.0 and DTCO 4.0e models.

simulator software dtco 1381 download 19

Download File:

The simulator software can be accessed online or offline. The online version can be launched directly from the browser, while the offline version requires a USB stick to install and run the software. The offline version is recommended for users who want to use the simulator software without an internet connection or who want to save their settings and data.

To download the simulator software, users need to visit the VDO Fleet website and navigate to the Downloads section. There, they can find the link to the online version or the option to order a USB stick with the offline version. The USB stick costs 19 euros and can be ordered by filling out an online form with the user's contact details and delivery address. The USB stick will be shipped within a few days after the order is confirmed.

The simulator software is a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the DTCO 1381 and its functions. It can help drivers comply with the EU regulations and avoid fines or penalties for incorrect or incomplete data. It can also help workshop technicians perform calibration, maintenance, and repair tasks on the DTCO 1381 more efficiently and accurately.


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