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Where To Buy Goodnites Tru Fit __EXCLUSIVE__

Goodnites is the #1 Nighttime Protection brand^ that offers bedwetting products specifically designed to fit and provide protection against accidents for children who only wet at night. Explore the full range of our products below.

where to buy goodnites tru fit


Although the best cure for bedwetting is usually time. During this time, there are usually wet sheets and interrupted nights to deal with before your child eventually grows out of their bedwetting stage. Goodnites can help you and your child manage bedwetting during this time.

I remember when my oldest son wet the bed as a child. I never thought to invest in products like this. I would just put a plastic bed sheet on his bed and keep going. However, if he were to spend the night some where else this could be a huge issue or make him lose his confidence. With the Good Nights TruFit, he would have the confidence and ability to spend the night with friends without them even realizing that he had accident protection on.

My 7 year old still wets the bed fairly often. It has only very recently started to improve to the point where I feel somewhat confident in letting him sleep without his Pull-ups on (we call them his "magic pants"). I don't know if this product would be helpful for him because when he has an accident he completely soaks the bed. Even in a Pull-Up it leaks out occasionally. These don't look like they are designed to hold that much. I did see them advertised recently and considered getting some, but decided against it for that reason. Have you noticed if they are able to absorb a lot of urine or are they more for minor accidents? I would be curious to know. My son is extremely embarrased, angry and disappointed in himself every time this happens, even though I do not get angry or frustrated with him at all (I was also a bedwetter so I know how it feels when your mom or dad gets mad at you for it). It puts him in a foul mood all morning and sometimes he just plants himself in the corner and pouts. :(

I hung them up on the shower to dry, before drying myself off with a towel. I would have showered but I was too excited and made a beeline for the bed, where I masturbated myself to a warm wet climax.

I've seen Trufits at the local drugstore I buy my padding from, but never bought any. I've fantasized about training pants roleplay over the whole day, using the potty a few times before eventually having an 'accident', but Goodnites don't work so well for that. While I'm hardly large (finding pants with a small enough waist, but long enough legs, was always a challenge when I was a teen), they don't quite fit right, and I wouldn't trust them to hold anything without my male parts coming out of alignment with the padding and spraying everywhere. Do Trufits work better for young adults?

20yo guy with 3234 pants measurements and experience with both traditional Goodnites and Tru-Fits weighing in here. I definitely find my bits are a bit better contained by the Tru-Fits and of course there's less risk of the sides coming apart which is always a plus. I will say as a heads up, keep yourself pointed down, it may not be the best absorbancy wise since you miss the part targeted for us, but spraying will be the least of your worries. I also find they're more absorbent than the traditional Goodnites but that's just my experience. And finally in terms of your role-play thing. The fact that Tru-Fits have real fabric and as such will show if you leak is actually one of my favorite features purely from a role-play perspective.

I wear the same pants size as Throwaway8626 and I can't fit into Tru-Fits at all. The disposable ones are significantly larger; the max stated weight on the Tru-Fits is 100 lbs, where as it's 125 lbs on the regular GoodNites. The inserts work great as stuffers, though.

Hmm. . . Intriguing. However, it sounds like the reusable (fabric) part has no extra absorbency itself, which is a downer. Seriously doubt the absorbency even with the insert would be comparable to even regular Goodnites. However, yeah, pretty much no chance of any kind of discovery wearing these, I'd guess. These will definitely be on my list if they get some characters for the L/XL size.

Does any one else get the feeling Goodnites make their products in mind for the huge number of DL's out there who want discreet peeing pleasure out in public? I do. In fact I reckon if Goodnites actually did a sales test on the age range of who buys their products, I bet you any money it won't be kids. It'll be adults. haha.

Well wouldn't the age be adults anyways? I hardly imagine that there's a large amount of kids going to the store to buy their own Goodnites :P It'd be hard to separate a DL and just a parent buying something for their kid.

The more I stare at these the more I realize that when I was potty training I wore something very similar. I have fuzzy memories of underwear and a disposable insert like this. It could have been an incontinence product or possibly even my mother cutting the flaps off diapers but there was definitely a stage of my life where my underwear looked a lot like these things. 041b061a72


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