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One More Gate : A Wakfu Legend Free Download

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One More Gate : A Wakfu Legend Free Download

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The resurrected Sadlygrove in tow, the Brotherhood returned to the Sadida Kingdom. Adamai, angry at being left behind, convinced Yugo to help him use the Eliacube to find out where the remaining Eliatropes were. Their experiment ended up hatching Grougraloragran's Dofus. A newly reborn Chibi and Grougalorogran came to be, much to the brothers' delight. However, the gate that had been opened also bore a passenger, Yugo's ancient nemesis from a time long past: Qilby was free once again.

The elderly Eliatrope was still weak however and with his memory still intact, he passed out from fear seeing that his king was still waiting for him after his escape. The elder Eliatrope was taken in by the Sadida and nursed back to health. He also realized his advantage that while he knew everything about Yugo, rebirth had completely scrubbed the king's memory, leaving him at Qilby's mercy. The brothers were amazed to finally meet one of their own and Qilby was more than willing to feed their desire for knowledge. He told the brothers and their companions of the great past of the mighty Eliatrope people and how he had been a member of the ruling council alongside them. Though in Qilby's tale, he and his sister Shinonome were king and queen, with Chibi being an inventor and Yugo and Adamai being traveling heroes. He also changed the reason for the Mechasm Genocide, saying that war had come upon the Eliatropes unprovoked out of greed for their magical technology. Qilby also said that he would be able to free the remainder of the Eliatrope children from exile in the Mist dimension, but that he would need his and Shinanome's Dofus to have the necessary power to do so. Yugo and Adamai agreed to go and recover it for their kinsman and the Brotherhood, grateful to Yugo for his earlier efforts, decided they would aid him.

The Brotherhood continued to face yet more fantastic and sometimes absurd adventures. An encounter with the tag team Shushu guardians known as the Justice Knights brought Yugo, Pinpin, and Rubilax to the realm of Shukrute. There alongside the bandit Remington Smisse and his brother Grany Smisse, the Eliatrope and his friends fought off waves of demons in a gladiator-style arena and only narrowly escaped thanks to intervention from Qilby and Adamai. Yugo and Amalia were responsible for the lifting of a powerful curse from the Pandawa city of Pandalusia. The group also met Evangelyne's little sister Cleophee during a trip to the Trool Fair. The boisterous Cra ended up becoming the 6th member of the group during this time, as Adamai had been left in charge of caring for the infant Grougalorogran while Qilby helped Alibert with Chibi. Managing to charter a small ship from captain Ecrine Noir (Black Ink in the English dub) and his adopted daughter Elaine, the Brotherhood finally made their way to the Crimson Claw islands. What awaited them was a land under siege, as the forces of the New Sufokia Navy attempted to force the mighty dragon Phaeris the Powerful from his lair to mine the Stasis ore below it. Adamant in his duty to guard Shinonome's Dofus, the mighty beast refused to abandon his home. Yugo attempted to convince the Sufokian Prince Adale to cease hostility, but the arrogant prince simply ignored the boy. Further chaos erupted when the forces of Shukrute poured in from the very heavens to join the melee. Qilby, having stolen the Eliacube from the Sadida kingdom, struck a deal with Rushu. He offered the power of Adamai to the mimic demon lieutenant Anathar, along with his ability to create interdimensional portals in exchange for the Shushu's aid in subduing Phaeris while Qilby recovered his Dofus. The demon king was so happy, he agreed to the terms, not knowing that Qilby would decimate the planet by using his restored power to reawaken the Zinit and resume traveling the Krosmoz, but suspicious of the Eliatrope nonetheless. Yugo had traveled to the islands alone, having sensed his brother's distress via emphatic link. He had also left his friends stranded in the ocean away from the fighting, in hopes that only he would be at risk from this venture to everyone else's (and especially Amalia's) concern and annoyance. Once shoreside, the Eliatrope was thrown into the thick of things. Having intuited Qilby's part in the madness by observing him alongside Rushu, the boy resolved to confront the betrayer. However, the advantage in this fight clearly belonged to Qilby. With the Eliacube strengthening him and his matured knowledge of Eliatrope magic, Yugo was hard-pressed to do anything but avoid being struck down. Only Phaeris' intervention kept Yugo from being cut down by the deranged Council member. Phaeris, hoping to even the odds, however, led Yugo into the heart of his lair, telling him that while he had hoped to meet his king again under better circumstances, the current situation placed the Dofus at the highest priority. Phaeris also used his magic to temporarily jumpstart Yugo's more advanced magic, in order to even the field against his old enemy. Qilby was soon upon them, however, and though Yugo was able to fight with a Wakfu blade and shield, even managing to free Adamai, Qilby still managed to recover his Dofus, using it to open a doorway to the Mist Dimension. Yugo refused to allow him to flee and followed his adversary through the gate...

Eva and Yugo share a big sister/little brother sort of relationship, though she likely relies on him more than the other members to keep the group under control, as he tends to display a level head and sound judgment in most situations. Yugo is also aware that the key to working with Evangelyne is to respect her intelligence. When the boy had tricked the rest of the Brotherhood into helping Xav the Baker to compete in a royal baking competition, Eva asked why he never tried to pull any tricks or flattery with her. The Eliatrope responded that she was far too clever for him, which prompted her to call him a smart kid. Eva also encourages Yugo to trust in his friends during the battle of the Crimson Claws, stating that though he wished them to wait away from the fighting while he investigated, that his friends would not and could not abandon someone who had fought for all of them without a moment's hesitation and that the Brotherhood would stand by him until the bitter end.

1. The first thing we do is download the game files. 2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk. 3. Wait for the unpacking process to finish. 4. Start the game one_more_gate_a_wakfu_legend.exe from game folder. 5. The language changes in the menu. 041b061a72


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