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How to Download and Install the Mod That Removes Pride Flags from Spider-Man Remastered

The original entry in the Spider-Man mods was called "Non-Newtonian New York," and replaced the in-game Pride flags dotted around New York City with US flags. The mod garnered far more views than it did downloads, but its apparent anti-LGBTQIA+ stance naturally drew some controversy before its removal by site moderators.

spiderman remove pride flag mod download

Titled "Non-Newtonian New York," the description of the mod identified the "Newton's Prism's artifacts" as the target of the changes. However, in the posts from the community, players praised the ability to not see pride flags in the game anymore and said that those upset over the mod were "hypocrites" and "groomers."

I suppose this is the part where I say something like we shouldn't worry overly as this is a vocal minority. Unfortunately, the fact that the mod saw almost 300 downloads in its first 24 hours undermines that statement. Players who were shocked by the mod were defending LGBTQ+ identities in the entry on the website and ridiculing the people who could be so offended by a flag. Ultimately, Nexus Mods has had the last word.

Inevitably, there will always be a shadowy side to the Internet that believes the passive reference to LGBTQ+ pride on the streets of a virtual version of New York City is an issue that must be rectified. There is another flag mod that replaces the pride flag with the progress pride flag, which adds the colours black and brown to represent people of colour and pink, light blue and white to represent trans, gender non-binary, intersex and those across the gender spectrum. And, there's a trans pride Spider suit that encourages those who download it to donate to The Trevor Project to support LGBT youth.

The mod was posted to two of the biggest modding sites, Nexus Mods and ModDB. Its listing on ModDB appears more explicit, saying in the description that it changes the stupid pride flags to american flags." Both sites have removed the mods and taken action against the modder.

A mod that removes Spider-Man Remastered's rainbow Pride flags and replaces them with American flags has now been removed from Nexus Mods itself. The popular video game modification website wasn't shy about its decision either, firmly asserting its stance in favour of diversity and inclusivity while condemning the uploader as a "coward."

Nexus Mods isn't the only mod database website that has removed the mod. As noted by PC Gamer, ModDB(opens in a new tab) also took action against the Spider-Man Remastered flag mod, banning the users involved as well.

In August 2022, an alleged sockpuppet troll account who went by the alias "Mike Hawk" uploaded a texture modification for the Windows release of Marvel's Spider-Man called "Non-Newtonian New York" replacing the rainbow flag with the flag of the United States,[14][15] with the description "changes the stupid pride flags with american flags" [sic] in an apparent effort to sow controversy. The modification was removed by Nexus Mods moderators shortly after, but not without garnering controversy from some users who were displeased with the ban; the site later went on to state that "we are for inclusivity, we are for diversity. If we think someone is uploading a mod on our site with the intent to deliberately be against inclusivity and/or diversity then we will take action against it," also frankly advising users who disagreed with the ban to "move on".[15] A similar announcement was also made by ModDB when a Twitter user informed the site that the flag modification was also mirrored on ModDB, which the site's moderators promptly removed.[16]

WASHINGTON: A project that cut the in-game pride flags from the recently-released PC port of Marvel's 'Spider-Man Remastered' has been removed by two of the biggest online sites for PC game mods, NexusMods and ModDB.

The mod replaced the pride flags found around New York City with the United States flag, which is frequently seen in the original game. ModDB, another popular source of mods for PC games, also confirmed in a tweet that it's removed the mod.

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The mod in question replaced any Pride flags that appeared in the game with the US flag. Uploaded on 15th August to Nexus Mods, it was removed by site staff on 17th August. A similar mod appeared on ModDB, which has also been removed.

Along with removing the mod, both the sock puppet account and the user's main account have been banned by NexusMods. The mod replaced the pride flags found around New York City with the United States flag, which is frequently seen in the original game.

Nexus Mods, a website in which users can share their custom content for PC games, initiated the movement after an established user created a new account (branded a sock puppet) to upload the anti LGBTQ+ content, which swapped out the rainbow Pride flag for the American flag. The mod was subsequently removed.

Spider-Man Remastered recently launched on PC, and Insomniac's excellent web-em-up instantly attracted the attention of modders. This unfortunately included an individual who took offense at the game's rendition of New York City including some Pride flags among the absolute plethora of American ones. They created a mod that removed the Pride flags, replacing them with the stars and stripes, then uploaded it to Nexusmods using a sockpuppet account called "Mike Hawk."

Nexus Mods, a popular mod database, has posted a strongly worded update about the Spider-Man Remastered patch that was created to remove Pride flags in-game. The website's administrator, Dark0ne, has revealed that the mod was uploaded by a sock puppet under the name "Mike Hawk." They said the fact that it was added to the database by a secondary account shows the uploader's intent to troll and demonstrates their understanding that it would not be allowed on the database. As such, the website has decided to remove the patch from its repository and to ban both the user's main account and sock puppet.


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